how to quit a fraternityYou know the basic roadmap. You rush for a few weeks, then pledge for several weeks.

Then you are initiated into the brotherhood.

What happens though when you realize that you no longer want to be a part of the fraternity?

How to Quit a Fraternity

If you no longer want to be a part of the fraternity, then you need to quit as soon as possible. You can wait for something to change, but it won’t. Be sure to keep this in context though. Everyone has moments when they are not wild about their fraternity.

It comes with the territory. But if the fraternity is truly no longer an important part of your life – quit.

And do everyone a favor by not lingering around hoping things will change. They won’t. By lingering, you are putting everyone in a terrible situation. You will feel guilty because you belong to an organization that you want nothing to do with.

The fraternity will feel awful because it has a brother who doesn’t want to come around anymore. You will probably stop paying dues, since you are not participating in any events.

That will create ill-will on both sides. It will turn into an uglier situation the longer is lingers.

Once you quit though, be prepared for the consequences. You will be ostracized from the fraternity forever. Essentially, you will be telling the fraternity that you no longer want to be friends. Don’t expect them to be buddy- buddy with you after you quit.

Common protocol would be telling the president and giving him your fraternity pin. You should also give him a letter saying that you are quitting. It would be a classy move to let the president know why you are quitting.

There was something that obviously happened between the time you joined and the time you quit. If the fraternity knows what happened, they can learn and not repeat their mistakes.

Now that you know how to quit a fraternity, you really should not be thinking of joining another fraternity.

Most fraternities take an oath that the fraternity they join will be the only fraternity they ever join. Granted, if you join another, no one will probably stop you. However, it isn’t a classy thing to do.

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