How to Improve Fraternity Morale

Improve Fraternity Morale

People have two options in life – they can be happy or they can be miserable.  There is no in-between.  The people in the grey area between the two are really in the miserable category.

As a leader in your fraternity, it is imperative you recognize this fact, and use it to focus on improving the morale of your chapter.

The first way is by remaining positive.  You have to make yourself a believer first if you want others to believe.

When you hear gripes and complaints about the fraternity, counter it with the things that are going well.  The beauty here is that this type of thought is infectious, and if said often enough then your brothers will start believing it.  Make it a point to often repeat the great things the fraternity is doing.  Make sure the brothers always know that you are pumped that you are part of the fraternity.

The second way is by making sure the brothers always have something to look forward to.  This is a critical component to happiness in my opinion.  A leader needs to build up an event or an occasion that captures the brother’s imagination.  If your fraternity has nothing that they are looking forward to, or nothing that they are excited about, then of course they will be miserable.

If you follow this mantra, not only will you improve the morale of your chapter, but you will be improving yourself as well.  You are ultimately responsible for your happiness.  And life is much better if you approach it with a positive attitude.

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