How to Get Guys to Your Rush Event

How to Get Guys to Your Rush Event

So, a huge question is how do you get guys to attend your fraternity’s rush event?

It is always best to start by calming the fears that the rushee may be having. He is going to be worried about the potential cost of the event and transportation. He’ll be worried about being pressured to join. Having been through rush many times, these are questions that a brother may overlook. However, rush is very intimidating for someone new to the fraternity scene.

You can put him at ease by explaining that the event is a no-pressure environment. It is just a way to get out and meet some guys. Nothing more, nothing less. Let him know that all expenses will be taken care of by the fraternity, and that the brothers will be sure to pick you up and get you home whenever you want. Promise them that no one would badger them to join. The purpose of the event is for everyone to get together and have fun.  If that happens and there is mutual interest, explain that there will be plenty of time to talk about joining later.

Once you get a guy to the house the first time, it normally isn’t that difficult to get them out the second time.  Be aware that some guys may take a lot of persuading to get to a rush event.  It is up to you to make that happen.

Common sense should prevail during these recruitment situations though.  You must realize when you should cut your losses on difficult guys and move on to recruiting new guys. That amount of persuading takes a lot of valuable time. Some of those guys make the best brothers and are well worth the extra effort, but most of those guys will never join anyway.

Like everything else in life, the secret ingredient to getting guys to come to your rush event is probably hard work.  If you take the time to meet new guys and explain to them the rush process you will be successful.

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