How to Double Your Fraternity Recruitment Class


This article is Day 3 of the series: 31 Days to Better Fraternity Recruitment.

Here is a very easy way to double your fraternity recruitment class.

Let your new member class know that they will not be initiated until they double their class size.  This means that each new member is responsible for finding one person to join the fraternity.

A few weeks into the new member period let them know of the requirement.  Have them lead a few rush events and teach them to recruit.  And allow the guys they recruit to join the new member period with the guys who just recruited them.

I know some guys out there will think it is absurd to bring new members in two or three weeks into the new member period.  It is actually absurd not to.  Is two weeks of a new member program critical enough where you would turn away future brothers for life?  It makes no sense on a brotherhood or business level.

Of course, think of the benefits of bringing these guys into your fraternity.  You will have the obvious benefit of doubling your class size with a minimal financial investment.  This is huge.

You will also have the longer-term benefit that you have actually taught your new members how to recruit.  This will make them more productive brothers once they are initiated.

One side note – it is also smart to encourage the new guys to help you recruit during their rush period.  There will always be a few rushees who attend all the rush events and have a high probability of accepting their bids.  Ask those guys if they know any high character guys who they think would be a good fit in the fraternity.  Help them get these guys to rush events.

You will be surprised how eager these rushees will be to help.  The fact is, they are going to be trying to make a good impression with the fraternity and will do everything they can to help.  Also, they are probably better connected to guys in dorms and freshman friends.

During my recruitment period my fraternity asked me if I knew anyone who would be interested in rushing.  I knew of a guy from home who was rushing other fraternities, and I invited him to rush the one I was rushing.  He ended up joining and becoming a great brother.  All it took to get him was someone asking me if I knew anyone who might be interested.

Facing facts, fraternity recruitment is often led by the youngest members.  They are more in touch with younger guys who are interested in joining fraternities.  You have a very motivated resource who fits that description in your new members.  And they need to learn how to recruit.

Teach them how to recruit and grow your fraternity at the same time.

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