How Do I Fix a Slack IFC Exec Board?

How Do I Fix a Slack IFC Exec Board?

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I am the new IFC President. Our exec gets along pretty well but I don’t think anyone really gets it. They think that chapters should get along, but all they come up with are different “all Greek” events that have been done before and failed before.

I have a feeling I will be picking up their slack in the end, and would like to start now, but I don’t want to step on toes. What should I do?


This is a very good question and a common problem. Unless you can instill focus in your exec board, you will always have this problem. That is because the true loyalty of these guys is with their own fraternities, not IFC.

Before you can instill focus though, you have to realize the purpose of your IFC. As IFC President, it is your job to lead the discussions to develop a vision. Through those discussions, you should be able to establish what you hope to accomplish during your term.

When I was IFC President, we decided we had two objectives. First, we were going to promote Greek Life. Second, we were going to improve fraternity recruitment.

One way we promoted Greek Life was through an all-Greek fundraiser. We ended up raising and donating several thousand dollars to the Jimmy V Foundation for Cancer Research at halftime of one of our basketball games. We received a lot of positive press through that event that helped the reputation of fraternities on campus. We accomplished objective #1.

Second, we decided we were going to help improve fraternity recruitment. The first thing we did was create a recruitment exec position. Through his vision, we led several campus events to make more students aware of the recruitment process and the benefits of fraternity life. The results were impressive, as we had a 5% increase in recruitment over the previous year. We accomplished objective #2.

In your case, you need to decide what you want to accomplish in your term. Realize you have very limited resources to accomplish your goals. Pick out a few targeted goals you want to achieve, and then lead your team to achieve them.

Maybe your guys aren’t slack – maybe they are just lacking guidance. Give them a vision and then motivate them to achieve it. That is what leadership is all about.

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