How Can a New Fraternity Build Relationships with Top Sororities?

How can a new fraternity build relationships with top sororities? Especially when the pledge class is passionate and willingly to do anything it takes?


This is not as complex a problem as you would expect.  In fact, I dedicate an entire chapter of my book The Fraternity Leader to this subject.

To give you the cliff notes though – here is what I’d do:

  • If you want to build strong relationships between organizations, you have to build strong relationships between individuals. Put another way, make friends with the girls in a sorority.  If you become friends, then getting the organizations to interact will be easy.
  • If a brother is dating a girl in the sorority, leverage that relationship to meet more girls in the sorority. Then refer to #1.
  • Invite the sorority to your events. If you have a party, make sure they are invited.  You mention you have an eager pledge class.  Send them to the sorority house the week before a party and have them personally invite the girls.  And when they show up to your event, make sure they have a good time.  Then refer to #1.
  • Offer to assist the sorority with their events. Does the sorority have a big community service event they are passionate about?  Maybe they have a big fundraiser?  Regardless, offering to help is a great way to start developing that relationship.  Then, refer to #1.

One final note, always remember to be a gentleman.  Simple courtesies seem to get forgotten in college.  I assure you; the girls will recognize how your brothers behave.  If you want to impress them, don’t forget this simple tip.

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