Fraternity Zoolander Party

fraternity zoolander party

This is a novel idea for a fraternity party that is a take-off of the Zoolander movie.

First, the fraternity needs to build a catwalk that enters the party. People have to enter the party on the catwalk. Before they are allowed to enter, the crowd has to approve of them. There will be lot of cheers and jeers. Have one brother play judge to determine if the person should be let in or not and to ensure the crowd doesn’t get out of hand.

This should lead to a very interactive party and will be fun because there are a few exhibitionists in every crowd. Be sure that the brothers and friends dress in wild attire in true Zoolander fashion.

Finally, be sure you have a photographer or two staged near the catwalk to take pictures. The illusion of multiple flashes will add to the event. Post the pictures on your chapter website and let your guests know where they can find them. This should create a lot of interest in your fraternity for future parties.

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