Fraternity Webmaster Responsibilities

fraternity website

Fraternity websites are notoriously bad. They lack focus and creativity. This is a shame, because the web can be such a powerful tool for your organization.

Your fraternity website should accomplish two things. First, it should be a living social calendar. Everyone should be able to find out what your fraternity is doing. In time, people will refer to your page in order to find out what is going on.

This will lead to you accomplishing your second goal – recruitment. You need to post tons of pictures on your site, and show prospective members why they need to join your sorority or fraternity. If you can show non-members what a great time they are missing out on, they are more likely to join.

Neither one of these things will happen if no one knows about your site. You need to put your web address on every T shirt or rush flyer you create. You also need to take advantage of cheap advertising opportunities, like the one offered on our site.

Take advantage of all your site has to offer. By turning your passive site into a living social calendar and rush brochure, you will be better utilizing a valuable asset of your fraternity.

Finally – don’t forget to link to sites that can be a great resource for your brotherhood – LIKE THIS ONE!

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