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fraternity transfer

Question 1: I am thinking about transferring to another school. I am currently a sophomore and in a fraternity that I like a lot, unfortunately I don’t think I can continue to pay the out of state tuition I currently pay. The in state school that I plan on transferring to, not only has my fraternity, but has the biggest chapter of my fraternity in the country. I am sure it would an amazing experience but I definitely have some questions.  

How would I integrate myself? Who would I contact? Would I have to pledge again? Would I possibly want to pledge again to build strong relationships and friendships at my new school even if it meant going through all of the negative aspects of pledging? Would I be able to live in the fraternity house? Would I be able to run for positions of leadership? Finally, is there anyone that has gone through this situation before that could tell me about their experience with it?  

Question 2: I’m transferring from a smaller to a much larger school where all the male members of my family are alumni. How do you think the fraternity chapter would react if I pledged at my current school just to transfer to the chapter I’m a legacy at?


I get the transfer question a lot and it is a tricky situation.

Realize that once you are initiated into your chapter you are a brother for life regardless of what school you attend. That means that you should be able to transfer schools and the new chapter with no problem.

Realistically though it isn’t quite that easy.

I think most chapters would welcome the new brothers with open arms. After all, a crazy amount of effort is put into recruitment to gain a new member. Having one knock on your door is a gift from the recruitment gods.

However, to ensure they welcome you with open arms, apply these common sense thoughts to the situation:

  • Never say “at my old chapter.” This will only piss everyone off.
  • Make a strong effort to assimilate into the chapter. This means keeping a low profile and focusing on fitting in.
  • Be a good brother. Be willing to help out as needed. Show that you are invested in the brotherhood.
  • Pay your dues on time.
  • Have a good attitude. It would be easy to be stressed due to your transferring. However, no one likes being around someone with a bad attitude. Make it a point to be pleasant.
  • Make friends. The strength of a chapter is the strength of the individual relationships.

Before you step foot on campus, reach out to the president and inform him that you will be transferring. Seek him out before you meet the rest of the brothers. He should help make the transition easier for you.

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