Fraternity Recruitment with Orientation Counselors and Resident Advisors

fraterntiy recruitment with counselors

This article is Day 25 of the series: 31 Days to Better Fraternity Recruitment.

The first person you probably meet in your college experience is your orientation counselor.  They are vetted by the university to show you around campus and introduce you to college life during orientation.  How awesome would it be if someone would make it a point to introduce these new students to your fraternity during the orientation?

Fortunately, that really isn’t too difficult to do.  Just have a few brothers become orientation counselors.

Think of how easy it would be to make contacts in this situation.  A brother would spend the day showing the new student around campus, and then they would be able to introduce them to Greek Life.  From there, they get their contact information.  An orientation counselor meets hundreds of new students during the summer.  What a great opportunity build your names list.

And resident advisors have a leg up on orientation counselors.  The resident advisor plays a critical role when a new student transitions to university life.  He is responsible for welcoming you to campus and giving your parents the reassurance that everything is going to be all right.   Essentially, the new student is going to rely on their RA that first week while they get their feet underneath them.

This is the best opportunity recruit new members bar none.

I was an RA for two years, and you would not believe the success we had recruiting from my floor.  The drill would be this:

1 – Brothers assist with move-in wearing letters in my dorm

2 – I have my fraternity stuff hanging proudly in my room

3 – I welcome the new residents and their parents to school

4 – That night we take everyone to the fraternity house

5 – They have a great time and become new members

It was so simple it should have been outlawed.

If your fraternity doesn’t have a few RAs, you are really missing the boat.

These are just two opportunities that are out there for a fraternity man to meet a ton of new students in a non-forced way.  I am sure there are many others, but I doubt any are as easy as these two.

If you can get a couple of brothers interested in these roles, it would be impossible for your fraternity recruitment to not improve.

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