31 Days to Better Fraternity Recruitment

31 Days to Better Fraternity Recruitment

Over the next 31 days The Fraternity Advisor will publish one article a day focused on sharing great fraternity recruitment ideas.

The following are the rest of the articles and will be updated daily:

Day 1: This was a limited time offer to receive a copy of my book The Fraternity Leader – How to Make your Chapter The Best on Campus.  The first chapter of the book is titled “Fraternity Recruitment Made Easy” and is 18 pages dedicated to developing a system that will help you recruit to your maximum ability.  Be sure to check the book out on Amazon.

Day 2: 11 Fraternity Recruitment Chair Responsibilities

Day 3: How to Double Your Fraternity Recruitment Class

Day 4: Don’t Recruit Jonboy

Day 5: Joe’s Best 8 Recruitment Tips

Day 6: Review of Good Guys – The Eight Steps to Limitless Possibility For Fraternity Recruitment

Day 7: The Most Important Brother During Fraternity Recruitment

Day 8: Which Fraternity Should I Pick?

Day 9: The Best Fraternity Recruitment Resource

Day 10: My Fraternity Recruitment Pet-Peeve

Day 11: Girlfriends During Fraternity Recruitment?

Day 12: Wasting Money During Fraternity Recruitment

Day 13: Why I Joined a Fraternity

Day 14: 11 Things You Can Do Today to Improve Fraternity Recruitment

Day 15: Get the University to Recruit For You

Day 16: Why You Should NOT Join a Fraternity

Day 17: How to Get Rid of the Undesirable Guy During Fraternity Rush

Day 18: Give Your Brothers a Reason to Rush

Day 19: Jon’s Best Fraternity Recruitment Advice

Day 20: A Few Things To Keep In Mind About Rush – David Stollman’s Thoughts

Day 21: Getting Known: Building Your Chapter’s Brand Identity

Day 22: Numbers Aren’t the Issue: Focus on Quality

Day 23: Basic Recruiting Skills: Become the Expert

Day 24: Motivating Our Members to Recruit

Day 25: Fraternity Recruitment with Orientation Counselors and Resident Advisors

Day 26: Dennis’ Best Fraternity Recruitment Tip: Rush Develops Skills That Will Make You Successful in Life

Day 27: 10 Fraternity Brothers I Recruited

Day 28: Why IFC Rush is Like Online Dating

Day 29: Fraternity Recruitment Rankings

Day 30: The Most Important Requirement for Fraternity Rush

Day 31: Rush is Over – Now What?

To learn more, check out our most in-depth article on fraternity recruitment: The Complete Guide to Fraternity Recruitment.

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