Fraternity Recruitment – Fish Where the Fish Are

fraternity recruitment

Look around at the brothers in your fraternity.  Chances are, most of the guys in your fraternity are similar, or have a similar bond. The chapter might be full of jocks, preppies, party animals or academic all-stars.  There is a reason for that.

More than likely, your fraternity focuses on recruiting from the same pool of people every semester.  You are recruiting from your comfort zone, and this will lead you to going to places of previous success.

But what happens if your fraternity wants to improve in academics or athletics?  What if your social program needs a jumpstart?  What if your responsibility to your community is falling short of expectations?  What if your fraternity lacks leaders?

If there is an area you want to improve, the easiest way to improve is by recruiting people with that skill set.  Fortunately on a college campus, it is very easy to find those people.

If you need athletes, recruit guys from the varsity, club and intramural teams.  If you need to improve in academics, raid the honor societies.  If you want leaders, get involved with student government.

Of course, raiding these organizations is overly simplistic.  You still have to develop relationships and form connections before these people will join your fraternity.  This targeted approach though will prove successful to overcome your fraternity’s shortcomings.

Remember that if you want to catch a big fish, then fish where the fish are…

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