Fraternity Pledge Task Board

pledge tasks

I don’t remember what movie it was from, but it had the pledges of a fraternity complete a giant list of pledge tasks on a giant white board.

The pledge tasks on this board were over-the-top in true movie fashion, but the basic idea is a good one because it focuses your fraternity leadership.

The core of leadership is setting clear expectations of your people.

Too often groups (both inside a fraternity and out) are not clear on what they are trying to accomplish.

The pledge marshal will have greater success molding the pledge class by putting together a concise list of items the pledge class needs to accomplish.

What to put on this board will be different for each chapter. My thoughts on hazing are well documented, so I will not lament on them here. However, keep in mind that if it is written down it has the chance to become public.

Don’t put anything stupid down for pledge tasks which will bring the wrong type of attention on your fraternity.

The benefits of this type of program should be huge. The pledge class will be motivated to complete the pledge tasks as quickly as possible to achieve brotherhood. The fraternity will have a tool to use to check on the progress of the pledge class. And the pledges will accomplish the exact objectives the fraternity desires. It is a win-win for everyone.

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