Fraternity Constitution

fraternity constitution

Fraternity constitutions are often too long and too detailed to do anyone any good. They attempt to map every step of fraternity life in one document that should stand the test of time. While that is a noble goal, it isn’t practical for a fraternity. A fraternity needs a set of simple rules that should guide how all decisions are made. That’s it.

Anything more and you just muddy the water. A fraternity constitution should have the following:

• A list of positions in the fraternity. A basic description of the position should also be included.

• Rules to govern a meeting, namely what constitutes a quorum, what percentage of the vote is needed for certain situations and when the meeting should be held.

• A list of punishments for not meeting brotherhood responsibilities such as not paying dues or missing meetings.

• Information on dues and how they are changed

That is about it. The shorter the constitution is, the better. And because it is short and concise, everyone will read it and it should actually be used to govern the fraternity.

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