Fraternity and Sorority Mixer Dilemma

fraternity sorority mixer

Most fraternities want to have mixers with sororities.  There are obvious benefits to this relationship.  However, most fraternities really struggle to develop these relationships, and because of that they are never formed.

The fraternities that struggle go about it all wrong.  They are most interested in what is in it for them, instead of what is in it for the sorority.  While having a closed social event as a mixer can be a lot of fun – that really just translates into a night of partying instead of a lasting partnership.

If your fraternity really wants to develop a lasting relationship with a sorority, you must concentrate on giving instead of receiving.

The best way to do this is by offering to help the sorority with their community service projects.  This help will be much appreciated, and that goes a long way in forming friendships.

From there, you can partner in doing other events together.  When the fraternity and sorority work together to accomplish a common goal, friendships will be formed.

Once this partnership is established, you will have formed a much more meaningful relationship with the sorority.  Now, instead of having a once-a-year mixer with the sorority, you will have made friends that come to all your social events.

And that is a much more valuable relationship to the fraternity.

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