Fraternities Need To Be Smart on Facebook

Fraternities Need To Be Smart on Facebook

College life is evolving at a very fast rate. Facebook and Twitter have changed the way college students interact. This can get fraternities who do the wrong thing in trouble if they are not careful.

Believe it or not, fraternities sometimes do stuff they are not supposed to do. Sometimes fraternity brothers drink underage. Other times fraternities break recruitment rules. Sometimes a fraternity will haze their pledges. Really, the list is endless….

While in no way do I condone these actions, I cannot believe that fraternity brothers would be stupid enough to publish their indiscretions on the internet.

This reminds me of the soldiers who abused the prisoners at Abu Ghraib in Iraq. While their actions were despicable, taking pictures of what they did was idiotic. They were just asking to get caught, and they did. Now they will be spending a long time in a military prison.

Do yourself a favor – don’t publish pictures of questionable behavior. Even if the behavior is harmless, be careful how others can perceive them. A good rule of thumb would be to not publish anything that your mom wouldn’t understand at first glance.

Also, do your fraternity brothers a favor and police each other. Remember that everyone is in this together.

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