Drink Machine Fundraiser

drink machine fundraiser

Every fraternity should have a drink machine. A used one can be bought for about $1000. However, this one-time expense will lead to years of profit for the fraternity.

Think about it – you can commonly find Coke on sale for $3 for 12. That comes out to $0.25 a can. You can sell them for $0.50 a can (still a good price) and make a 50% profit on your investment.

By having the machine in the house, you have access to a lot of people. And a lot of people will need mixers, chasers and drinks. Your fraternity should profit from this need of your brotherhood instead of the local gas station.

If your fraternity does not want to make this investment, then they can call a local distributor to put a machine in the house for you. They will do all the work, but will also keep a much higher percentage of the profits.

If your fraternity decides to do the work and keep all the profits – it is smart make this a pledge class responsibility. Let them do the work, but also receive the profits.

Finally, be sure not to do anything stupid with the machine. Selling beers sounds like a good idea until the fraternity gets caught. And trust me, the last thing you need is the school or cops finding out that your fraternity is selling alcohol to minors…

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