Does a Fraternity Need a Sober Brother for Social Events?

Sober Fraternity Brother

My chapter has a hard time believing that sober brothers are necessary for any type of social event. How can I show my chapter that in order to be at the top, we need to start with managing the risks a fraternity brings on campus?  


Great question.

The reason is obvious.  World-class organizations manage risk and focus on ensuring the longevity of their organization.  By not doing something as simple as having a single guy sober to make tough decisions if they become necessary, your chapter is showing a stunning level of irresponsibility.

Here are ten instances where your chapter would be hosed if they didn’t have someone sober at an event:

1 – Who talks to the cops if they show up at the house?  Do you really want drunk guys doing it?

2 – What happens if someone needs a ride or someone needs to get something?  Do you want a brother driving drunk to get it?

3 – What happens if someone is injured at a party?  Who is going to be in the right mind to make sure the situation is handled properly?

4 – What happens if someone has alcohol poisoning?  Is a drunk person really the best person to get help?

5 – What happens if someone shows up the party plastered?  Is a drunk person really the best person to ensure they don’t get into the party?

6 – What happens if a fight breaks out?  If there is no one sober, are you confident that this situation won’t spiral further out of control?

7 – What happens when it is time to shut the party down?  Can you ensure this will be handled properly without someone sober?

8 – What happens if a university official shows up?  Do you really want a drunk guy talking to the Greek Life director?

9 – What happens if someone makes an accusation on your chapter in the middle of the night?  Having drunks as your only witnesses and having drunks gathering facts is a recipe for disaster.

10 – What happens when a brother gets a ‘great idea’ when in actuality it is horrendous idea?  Do you trust a drunken crowd to make sure the chapter doesn’t do anything stupid?

Every single one of those situations happened to my chapter when I was an undergraduate.  We were fortunate to have someone sober and responsible present to handle these situations.

While you posed this question as a risk management issue, I see it as a bigger issue.  It is a leadership issue.  If your chapter can’t get something as simple as this right, then chances are there are other glaring weaknesses in your chapter’s operations.  If one guy can’t man-up and avoid drinking for one night, then I worry about the longevity of your chapter.

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