Delivering Bids

fraternity bid

Delivering bids always was a chore in our fraternity. No one really wanted to do it for some strange reason. It is strange that the fraternity would spend so much time and effort during rush, only to fizzle out when it was time to seal the deal.

Each fraternity has their own traditions on how to deliver a bid. Regardless of how it is done, remember that it is a special event for the person you are inviting to join your fraternity. Again, be sure to pay attention to detail and do it right.

Also, be prepared to answer the questions you know they are going to ask. It doesn’t matter if they have asked them before, they are going to ask them again. The person extending the bid should have practiced answering these questions multiple times so they have their story straight.

Remember, this is a crucial moment if a fraternity is going to remain strong. You have to replenish your membership each year. Give it the attention it deserves, and you will be pleased with the results.

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