There is a huge problem in our chapters – members owing a significant amount of money in back dues or rent.

In too many cases, chapters let this debt sit on their books for a few years before eventually giving up on it and never collecting. has created a service where we will take the hassle out of the collecting this ‘dead money’ for your chapter.

This service is ideal for chapters that:

1)      Have past members who have left owing  dues

2)      Have past members who have left owing rent

3)      Is owed money that seems impossible to collect

4)      Is owed money from years ago

5)      Are unsure if they have proper documentation to collect

6)      Want to avoid the confrontation with past members who owe money

7)      Want the money to be collected in a professional way which will treat everyone with respect

There is no fee for this service.  We only get paid if you do.  We have already launched this service with a lot of success.

A chapter of a fraternity at a large Midwest school came to us explaining that 10 past brothers owed about $14,000 in back dues/rent.

They had given up on ever collecting this money, even though this put a huge financial strain on the chapter.

After the chapter enrolled in our program, we were able to collect $1400 in the first week, $2200 in the second week, $1600 in the third week and are still actively collecting for the chapter.

Here is what the chapter president had to say:

“Our chapter had given up on ever collecting what we were owed.  We were to the point where we were going to right off the debt because the chance of collecting seemed very unlikely.  Most of these guys were no longer in school, and we had no way of knowing where some of these guys were.  This service enabled us to collect a lot of money for the chapter without any hurt feelings from the guys that owed.  It was like we found lost money – and a lot of it!  I highly recommend you try this service if your situation is like ours.“   — Brent – Chapter President

If you are interested in learning more about the program – fill in the information below and we will email you “Frequently Asked Questions” which should answer all your questions about the program.

*** Note we have discontinued this program.


2 thoughts on “Collect Fraternity Back Dues

  1. When I was an undergrad, the ACB for my chapter used Omega Fi for Invoicing and Collections. Sometime after I graduated, they moved away from it.
    I have now taken over as Treasurer for our ACB, and I am interested in more information on your Services offered, and the Costs for said services. 

    My organization is Delta Sigma Phi fraternity, and I am on the ACB for the Delta Delta Chapter at Purdue University.

    thank you,

    Dustin Beckwith

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