Be Careful Who Your Fraternity Recruits

Be Careful Who Your Fraternity Recruits

Most fraternities claim to be very selective during recruitment. However, that often isn’t the case. In the eternal quest for numbers, a fraternity will rush anybody and everybody to try to get a huge new member class. In the long run, this could cripple your new member class and fraternity.

For example, the same core group of guys showed up to all the events when I was going through rush. I knew I wanted to join the fraternity, but was very hesitant because of the quality of some of the guys who were also rushing. There was one guy who was a huge douche bag who I couldn’t stand.  There was another guy who was a burnt out stoner.  I wasn’t impressed with these guys at all.

The fraternity continually preached that my new member class would become my best friends in college. I didn’t want that to happen with these guys.

Anyway, in the long run, these two guys and their friends did not receive bids to join the fraternity. However, just because they were around all the time meant to me that the fraternity was actually considering them for membership. I almost walked away from my fraternity because the impression recruiting these guys gave was very negative.

More than that, having these undesirables around takes time away from the guys a fraternity is really interested in. How stupid is it for a fraternity to spend all their time and energy to talk to guys they know will not receive a bid when there are guys in the same room that the fraternity desperately wants?

Be selective when you invite guys to your fraternity house to rush. Sure, there could be a diamond in the rough or two out there and everyone deserves a chance to make an impression. However, once negative judgment is made on a guy rushing it is best for all parties to cut ties immediately.

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