8 Things You Can Do To Make Sure Your Fraternity Party Doesn’t Suck

Make Your Fraternity Party Not Suck

Our fraternity parties are rarely that good.  Sometimes many people/girls show up, but often times they leave within a fairly short time of being there.

We always provide drinks and don’t charge woman. Our music is hit or miss depending on who grabs the ipod cord, but we keep it fairly decent. We do use themes and decorate accordingly.

Our house is not regarded as the most popular and by far not the largest, but all we want is for people to enjoy a night of honest “shit-faced” college fun and to stay longer than one drink of free boos.

What can we do to keep people entertained and to come back for future parties with more girls? If it is something we are not doing or doing wrong, I would love to know, or at the least, just some basic strategies for party improvements.


Honest “shit-faced” college fun huh?  Listen – drunk and stupid is no way to go through life son.  Your success at throwing parties proves this point…

Here are 7 tips which will really help you throw a party:

1 – Invite a Band for the Girls

Getting a good turnout to your party is easy – just make sure there are girls there.  If the girls are having fun; the guys will show up like ants at a picnic.

To get the girls to show up, hire a band that is popular with the coeds.  There are local bands in your area that fit the bill.  Talk to someone in a sorority, ask them what their favorite bands are, and hire that band.  The first rule in entertainment is give your audience what they want.  Don’t over-complicate it.

2 – Invite Sororities

Going back to #1 – if you get girls to your party then you will have a good turnout.  So why not invite the sororities to your event?

If you want to ensure they show up, have a brother personally deliver an invitation to the house.  And when they show up to the event, be sure you let them know how much you appreciate them attending.  Not only is this a solid marketing strategy for your chapter, it is also a smart move to develop relationships between chapters.

3 – Make Sure the Brothers are Excited

It is impossible to have a good party unless the brothers are excited about it.  This is where creativity about the theme comes in.

People are generally excited about their ideas.  So ask the brothers what type of party they would like and get them to take the initiative in setting it up.  They will be more motivated this way to ensure the event is a success.

4 – Go to a 3rd Party Venue

Maybe part of your problem is your house isn’t that conducive to the type of party you are trying to throw???

If that is the case – rent out a bar and have a closed party there.  A lot of the problems you have will no longer be problems because the establishment you are renting will handle them.

5 – Have a Solid Base to the Party

Review the base theory for parties.  This is very important.  If your party doesn’t have a good base, people will show up, see no one there, and then leave.

6 – Ditch the Ipod

An ipod?  For reals?  DJ’s are cheap.

7 – Sometimes Less is More

You have in your mind this huge, Old School-type rager.  Sometimes that isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

I am a minimalist and believe that most of the time less is more.

Instead of inviting every random at your school to your party, how about making is an amazing party for just your closest friends?  Or maybe make it a date function?  Or maybe a mixer with a sorority?

The point here is invite the people you want to be there.  If you want them there, and they want to be there, then you will have a good event.

8 – Follow the Rules

Not to get preachy here – but you are setting yourself up for trouble with what you are currently doing.  You can’t provide alcohol at parties.  That is illegal and against about a gazillion university rules.  Also, your school probably doesn’t authorize open parties.  You need to have a guest list for each function to comply to your local risk management policies.  Get smart on the rules.  It would really suck if you finally figured out how to throw an awesome party, but then get busted and put on probation.

This question was submitted by one of our readers. If you have a question you want me to answer go here to submit it: Fraternity Advice.

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