5 Easy Ways to Find Guys to Recruit

Ways to Find Guys to Recruit

1. Ask your friends – This is the most obvious place to look, but this is where you always want to start. Unless you are socially inept, you have friends that aren’t in the fraternity. Recruit them. If they don’t want to join, find out why. You can learn a lot about your fraternity this way.

2. Friends of friends – The guys you recruit will have friends. Get them to rush as well. Ask the guys you are recruiting to bring their friends along to recruitment events.

3. Referrals from alumni or sororities – You have valuable networks that could help you recruit. Send a mass email to your alumni asking if they know anyone entering school who the fraternity should recruit. Also, ask your friends in sororities if they would recommend anyone for you to rush. Recruiting guys from a referral gives you a solid foundation to recruit from.

4. Guys in dorms or classes – There are acquaintances that you will meet in the dorms and in classes. If you think they have potential, ask them if they would like to rush your fraternity. Many times this will spark the conversations you need to have to get great recruitment classes.

5. Guys from last semester – Don’t forget to re-recruit the guys who told you that they wanted to wait until the spring semester. You need to recruit these guys even if you haven’t seen them since the fall rush. Maybe they had a crappy first semester, and they are looking to start fresh in the spring. Some of the best brothers I have known joined under these circumstances.

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