spring fraternity rush

1 – For a lot of fraternities, it is difficult to get brothers motivated during the spring recruitment period.  Brothers just aren’t as interested for whatever reason.

To overcome this, it is imperative that you make the recruitment events as fun as possible.  If they are events that the brothers will want to go to anyway, then it increases the likelihood that they will show up if it is a recruitment event.

This will have the added bonus that brothers should enjoy the event, which will make the event a success.

2 – Don’t overspend.  Spring budgets are tight.  Formal is normally in the spring, and the accounts get bled dry before summer.  Spring rush is one of those expenses that does not have to be excessive.

The guys who are going to join your fraternity in the spring will have already been sold on it.  They will know the guys, and they will know what you do.  Don’t spend money when you don’t have to.

This brings me to my next point…

3 – Focus on recruiting guys you already know.  By January, everyone has established relationships with friends.  Guys aren’t going to join on a whim like they will in the fall.

Therefore, you will be spinning your wheels if you focus on trying to recruit strangers.  The time for recruiting strangers was in the fall semester when you could invite them to your events and take the time to get to know them.  Trying to find these guys and then get them to join is not the most efficient way to use your time.

4 – Make it quick.  You should know who you are going to recruit in the spring.  Focus on them and their friends, and then end it.  No need to drag it out.  This should motivate the guys being recruited because they  know they better act or be left out.  The brothers will be happy because rush will not last longer than necessary.

I hope these four tips help you succeed during spring recruitment.  For more recruitment advice – check out 5 Ways Your Fraternity can KILL IT During Fraternity Recruitment.

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One thought on “4 Spring Fraternity Rush Rules

  1. Obviously if you have a formal rush process you need to go through with that. But, the biggest thing in Spring is to play off what your Fall pledge class can bring you. They probably live in the dorms. They have friends from high school and last semester that didn’t go through and at some point while watching movies on a Friday night with a frozen pizza realized they’re missing out. They have the most in with the youngest possible prospects – the ones who will be around paying dues for longest. This is also their first rush on the other side, so they’re not burned out and should be easier to motivate.

    Also, target transfer orientations. No one else is. If you’re not spending much on recruiting them, then you can take slightly older guys without it being a net loss before they graduate. It’s nice to have a 21yo pledge or two in every class, but spring should be the easy time to manage that.

    I do want to emphasize the keep costs down point Pat made above. Do some quick math for me. How much do you spend on recruiting throughout the year? That’s probably ballpark of 30% of your net dues. How many pledges did you initiate last year? Divide for a cost per initiate. Now, do you have pledge dues and how much of that per guy is available after paying for the pledge program? What are the active dues? How long does it take this guy paying into the chapter before his local dues overcome the amount spent to recruit him? Is that a year or two? Point being, we are forced by competition to overspend on Fall pledges. A low cost high yield Spring rush is the opportunity to swing that back the other way. Doing it smart will be a determining factor in your chapters overall financial health.

    Spring is also a time when you can make big progress in size and quality, because the competition isn’t fired up either. If your chapter is climbing the ladder, this is the best time to make big strides. Come out strong against lethargic competition and you can make some headway.

    In terms of size, I try to look at the total number of guys graduating or leaving school from Fall and projecting for Spring/Summer, plus the number of pledges that quit from the Fall class, and set that as the goal. If you can do that, then your Fall numbers are basically growth.

    I know budgets are tight. I know people are burned out after a busy fall and a lazy break. I know there’s a lot of other things you want to spend your money on this semester. But, a couple months from now you won’t be able to rewind and increase your pledge class size. We’re membership organizations. The most important thing to your budget and everything else you do is chapter size. Fall is a time to hold your own. Spring is the one time a year when you can do the most to help or hurt yourself with immediate and long term financial impact on the chapter.

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