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In working with chapters across the country, ChapterSpot has seen a lot of active chapters successfully re-energize their alumni base. By following these 3 steps, we guarantee that your alumni base will be the strongest it’s been in years.

Step 1: Register your alumni

Chapterspot has a way to automate this process which makes it really easy.  I highly suggest you check out their free service.

Regardless of what system you use, you need to be sure you have a good contact list in order to start engaging with your alumni.

Step 2: Get your website ready for alumni visitors

Create an Alumni page if you don’t have one (explain that you are making a new initiative to communicate with all alumni)

Put an Events widget showing upcoming Alumni events

Put an Alumni registration form on your Alumni page/Homepage

Step 3: Post Alumni Updates!! (this is the fun/important part)

The trick is posting often and posting consistently.

1. Pick an alumni you know well, call them, and ask them to answer a simple survey.  Here are good sample questions:

What’s your occupation?

Where do you live?

Describe your average Friday night:

Any other alumni/actives living close to you?

Are you Married/Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Single?

What’s your favorite fraternity memory?

What Alumni should I interview next?

What do you think of our new website?

Have you posted a link to our new website on your Facebook?

2. Post the survey as a News post on your Website (make sure you have a News widget on your homepage and on the Alumni Page)

3. Send a Message to all your Alumni.  Here is a sample of what it should look like:

Alumni –

We just posted our interview with Brother John Doe. To see what John says he does on his Friday nights, click here to visit our Alumni page on our new website: [YOUR ALUMNI PAGE LINK HERE].

We’ll also tell you who John asked us to interview next week! New interviews are posted every Friday!”

4. Post the same message on Facebook/Twitter in case some Alumni aren’t in your email system (*that’s why you need the alumni registration form)

5. Reach out to the next Alumni and continue the trend!


Keep to your routine! Make sure to have a post every Friday no matter what. Once you miss posts, you lose reliability.

Collect surveys whenever you can! Did you run into an alumni at a BBQ? Survey them, save the responses in your phone and when mid-terms come up, you’ll have an interviews saved up.

Things moving along quickly? Great – start thinking about featuring Alumni businesses!

Check your database before calling to make sure you have their latest contact details


Brothers: What survey questions do you think would be good to ask?

Alumni: How should Actives grab your interest?

This answer was written by Brendan F. of Chapterspot.com and contributor for the thefraternityadvisor.com. If you are interested in writing for thefraternityadvisor.com – let us know (CLICK HERE)!

2 thoughts on “3 Steps (and 3 Tips) to Engaging Your Fraternity Alumni

  1. As an alumnus of Theta Chi, I’ve worked with countless chapters and even more undergrads over the past decade. One thing drives me crazy and that’s the rampant misuse of the words ‘alumnus’ and ‘alumni’. The first is singular and means only one; the second is the plural form and means more than one alumnus. The above article has several usage errors (ie Step 3, #1 should read, ‘Pick an alumnus…’. Another is ‘Which alumnus should I interview…’ #5 should read, ‘Reach out to the next alumnus…’)

    Trust me, your alumni will not take you seriously if you cannot differentiate between these two terms. Take the time to proofread any and all correspondence before mailing/e-mailing/posting. Your alumni will thank you and so will countless grammarians.

    For usage examples, you may want to check out the website I built for my chapter alumni: http://www.deltakappaalumni.webs.com

    Thom Cook
    Theta Chi/Delta Kappa ’83

  2. Send your seniors out with a good experience. If you’re chasing people down sending them to collections for a couple hundred bucks then that isn’t going to help you in 5 years. Pick your battles and make sure they’re having a good experience. If they’re disengaged because they can’t make grades and get out of there while dealing with constant mandatory events and fines then that’s bad. Find balance.

    Also, the consultant I really recommend on this is: http://www.fmgtucson.com

    Look around that website. There’s plenty of good information you can implement yourself. If you need to pay for professional help to jump start a program, this is a good place to look.

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