12 Ways to Improve Your Fraternity Academics and 2 to Avoid

fraternity academics

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What do you do to improve the scholarship/grades of your fraternity if they’re extremely low?


1. Recruit guys you are motivated students. They will help shift the culture of fraternity to one that is more focused on academics.

2. Ensure your new member program does not hurt your new members academically. This does not mean forcing them to attend study halls (which I don’t like). It does mean not keeping them up until 3am every night doing senseless new member activities when they have an 8am class the next morning.

3. Make sure the brothers are taking classes together. If the brothers are studying together, then this will also bring them closer.

4. Make sure the younger brothers are getting academic advice from the other brothers like what professors to take, what are easy electives and where to get good study aids.

5. Have fewer Thursday night events. Friday is a school day after all.

6. Make sure every brother takes at least one fluff class a semester to bag an easy A. This alone can have a dramatic impact on academics. Heck, even have all the brothers take the class together.

7. Be sure brothers aren’t partying too much. There isn’t much time left to study when you are getting your drunk on every night.

8. Have the older brothers hold study sessions for the younger brothers before large exams. For example, on my campus nearly all freshmen took Chemistry their first semester. A standard exam was given to the hundreds of freshmen taking this class. An older brother who majored in chemistry would hold a study session to help prepare all the younger brothers the night before the test. It had a huge impact on the grades of our youngest members.

9. Make sure the brothers are getting some sleep. It is impossible to focus on Calculus on two hours of sleep. Trust me, I know…

10. Schedule smarter. If there is an easy professor – take their class. Also, make sure the brothers are not scheduling 8am classes if they can’t get out of bed.

11. Establish a minimum GPA to become a brother. If you are really serious about improving your GPA, this is easiest way to do it.

12. To see more – check out my past articles on fraternity academics.

Also, here are things you should not do:

1. Waste your time on test banks. They are bulky and become outdated quickly.

2. Force study halls. These turn into goof off sessions and I hate everything that is mandatory.

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