12 Things I Learned at My Fraternity Convention

fraternity convention

1: New leadership is exciting. By taking an honest look at where we are, our new leaders were able to develop a strategic plan which will take us where we need to go. That is the foundation for greatness.

2: Older leaders passing the torch with grace is even more exciting. The legends who have spent years giving all they have to the fraternity provide an excellent example to our younger leaders by their willingness to support new initiatives. Their humility and class is a fantastic example to all of us.

3: I have never seen a more motivated group of undergraduate brothers. Their passion for learning and desire for greatness was infectious. Our fraternity is better today than it was five days ago due to their unwavering commitment to excellence.

4: It is more rewarding to give than receive. This is my first fraternity convention where I have been in the role as a mentor. Being able to share my fraternity experiences and knowledge has been unbelievably rewarding.

5: I am going to miss the nightly leadership lab at Miller’s. Seeing older brothers and younger brothers bond over the common purpose and desire to improve is inspiring.

6: When you combine great content with excitement and passion you create magic. The brothers of our fraternity are better men because of the words of Jack Marsh, Maury Fertig and Matt Mattson.

7: It is humbling to be in the presence of greatness. George, Andy, Vin, Stan and Bennet are the giants of our fraternity – and it is humbling to be standing on the shoulders of giants.

8: The fraternity professional staff cannot be thanked enough. The countless hours they spend by being the tip of the spear in our fraternity is the reason for our resurgence. Thank you Ian, Phil, Romano and Laura.

9: It is good for the soul to remember and celebrate great men who have passed on. I will always treasure the moments I had with Fred and Jules, and I know I am a better man for having known them.

10: There is a direct correlation between successful chapters and holding your brothers accountable with values based criteria. Expect excellence from your brothers, and demand that they expect excellence from you.

11: The greatest troubles present the greatest opportunities. There are chapters who are struggling, and the odds seemed stacked against them. I envy those guys and the opportunity the have. Those brothers will turn their chapters around, and the lessons they learn and the character they build from those experiences will propel them to unbelievable successes if life.

12: Our creed is timeless. To be honest, before this weekend I have not heard these great words in nearly ten years. However, after hearing them again, I can see how they have shaped my life I have lived my life dedicated to the principle that all men are created free and equal, and I have been willing to sacrifice my life to protect that belief. Pi Lambda Phi has taught me how to live a life dedicated to respect and honor. I will be forever grateful to be a brother in this great fraternity.

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