10 Minute Fraternity Fundraiser

$5 fundraiser

Thefraternityadvisor.com has started a new program on the site.  We want to donate $5 for each article written by my readers.  You can turn this into a great fundraiser for your fraternity.

If you can get each brother to spend 10 minutes to submit an article to the site, you have a quick fundraiser that can net the chapter a couple hundred bucks.

This really shouldn’t take much more time than it takes to write an email.  Remember – the quality of the idea is what is important, not the length.

The goal of the program is to make the site an even more valuable resource to the fraternity community.  No one has a monopoly on good ideas, and we all get better if the great ones are shared.

The details of the program are here.  We really appreciate you participating in the program!

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