Secret to Fraternity Recruitment

The #1 secret to fraternity recruitment really has nothing to do with recruitment – it is much bigger than that.

Think about it, there are hundreds of reasons why guys will join your fraternity. However, there is one reason that will stop anyone from joining.

Guys will never join your fraternity if your chapter sucks. If your brothers are apathetic, dues are high, your reputation is poor and your social scene looks bleak – you will get no one to join your chapter.

So the secret to recruitment is ensuring your fraternity is as strong as possible. Your chapter needs to strive for excellence – to be the best of the best.

If your leadership team makes this their focus you will see a profound effect on all aspects of your fraternity – including recruitment.

Guys will be lining up to join your organization because good news travels fast. The brotherhood will be more fired up during rush because your guys will be eager to boast about how great they are. Recruitment will increase, and the cycle will repeat.

However, the real benefit here is you will be creating a great fraternity.

So how do you get there? By reading this article you are obviously dedicated to improving your fraternity. It’s a great start.

Continue to educate yourself on fraternity leadership. There are hundreds of articles on my site and sites like mine. Attend leadership conventions this summer. Talk to your alumni and older brothers. Invest in my ebook – The Fraternity Leader.

Learn as much as you can – and then use that knowledge to make your fraternity the best on campus. Your recruitment will improve dramatically as a result.

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