The Best Fraternity Raffle Idea Yet

ipad fundrasier

I had dinner with a few of my fraternity brothers recently, and we came up with a fantastic fraternity fundraiser.

Everyone is going nuts over the Apple ipad. A fraternity can tap into that hysteria and turn it into a profitable fundraiser.

What the fraternity needs to do is purchase the cheapest model ipad ($500). Then, raffle it off.

Make each brother responsible for selling ten raffle tickets for ten dollars each. They can sell them to anyone they like, or can buy them for themselves.

If your fraternity has 30 brothers, and each brother sells his meager quota of ten tickets, you will have a fundraiser that will generate $2500 profit for the chapter. Keep in mind there is going to be that one brother who goes above and beyond and sells 30 or 40 tickets. This will only magnify the profit of the event.

Also, don’t forget to ask your alumni to participate as well. Send each alum of your chapter a letter with a self addressed stamped return envelope enclosed asking if they will buy two raffle tickets. Most alums will donate $20 to the cause, especially if you spell out what the cause is. Again, some will donate more, but a good percentage will participate if the amount is small.

Having a raffle is a simple way to generate a lot of money for the fraternity. The beauty of the fundraiser is it doesn’t take too much effort from any one brother to ensure the event is a huge success.

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