Restaurant Fraternity Fundraiser Idea

Restaurant Fundraiser

Fraternity fundraisers at restaurants are growing in popularity.  They require no overhead, and are very profitable.  Let me explain.

There are going to be certain restaurants around your campus that will allow brothers in your fraternity to work for a night.  In return, the restaurant will give a portion of the sales (normally 10%) to the fraternity. This is a win-win for everyone.

The business owner will be able to drive traffic to his restaurant while limiting his expenses (since you will be working).  The fraternity will be able to earn some much-needed cash for a few hours work. I have most often heard of fraternities doing this with Moe’s.  Moe’s is a fantastic restaurant, and is becoming popular all over the country.  Other restaurants do it as well though, you just need to ask around to figure out which ones.

On the night you work, don’t forget to have a brotherhood event at the restaurant.  You can create a lively atmosphere where everyone has a good time, and you can benefit the fraternity as well.  Everyone has to eat that night, they might as well do it at a place which can benefit the fraternity.

It is easy to see how the fraternity can make a few hundred dollars when you combine the number of people that your fraternity will bring with the normal customers who attend the restaurant. Best of all, this is the type of event that can be done over and over again.  This provides a nice income for the fraternity while the majority of the brothers have a good time.  It is a great fraternity fundraising idea.

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