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Next week, I will be giving a presentation at Pi Lambda Phi’s National Convention in Chicago.  The title of my presentation is ‘The Fraternity Leader” – a theme that I am obviously passionate about.  I will share five leadership lessons I have learned in my life in my presentation, and I relate those to the challenges faced by every fraternity leader.

It is a real honor to be asked to make my presentation, but it also highlighted a few challenges I have.

First off, I naturally am not a good speaker.  I can develop good content, but my delivery is far from polished.  Because I know this limitation, I have given my 45 minute presentation to my wife twice a night for the past three weeks.  I’ll be honest with you, she is sick of it.  But it is critical for me to be able to practice in front of someone who is not shy about critiquing me (that is the understatement of the day).

I have polished out all my umms and ugghhs, and I am stoked about giving the presentation.  I have put in the long hours of preparation, and now I am ready to enjoy the moment.

That is an important lesson for fraternity leaders to remember.  Most of you have spent all summer preparing for the upcoming year.  You have done all the behind the scenes dirty work to ensure this year will be a success.  Once the year gets here – don’t be afraid to enjoy it!  If you have put the time in, you should be comfortable knowing that you have done everything you can do, and that you will be successful.

Also, if you find yourself having to do any type of public speaking – make sure you adequately practice what you are going to say.  Nothing destroys credibility faster than someone who can’t articulate what they want to say succinctly and clearly.  Don’t wing it if you can avoid it.

Again, I can’t wait to make my presentation.  It will make it’s way onto the site somehow – either by video or as new articles.  It is a real honor to be invited to speak at the convention, and show’s that being a brother in a fraternity is really a lifelong experience.

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