How to Start a Fraternity

How to Start a Fraternity

There many guys that are not interested in joining a fraternity, rather they are interested in learning how to start a fraternity from scratch. The allure of being a founding father and building their legacy is just too much for some people to pass up.

Just think of how awesome it would be to look back at a fraternity that you started twenty years ago. Surprisingly enough, it is pretty simple to start one, but only if you go about starting it the right way.

How to Start a Fraternity

First off, starting a fraternity is not something that one man can do alone. The odds of the fraternity actually becoming chartered go up exponentially the larger the size of the original interest group. If it is just you and a buddy, you can pull it off; however, having several guys is preferable.

Starting the interest group is probably the most critical part of starting a fraternity.

If you create a strong interest group with a lot of guys who have high potential to be quality brothers, then you have a real shot at starting a new fraternity. This step really isn’t that hard if you know what you are doing.

Once you get an interest group, you need to affiliate with a national fraternity. You also need to get in touch with the Greek Life office at your university and let them know your intentions. Both will try to dissuade you from starting a new fraternity. They will only agree to let you start a fraternity if they think you will be successful.

Think about it – neither group has any interest in starting a fraternity that is going to fail. That only makes the University Greek System and the National Fraternity look bad. Fortunately, there are several keys they are looking for to ensure you will be successful.  These keys are discussed in detail in my report.

The next step will be your first foray into fraternity recruitment.

Your new fraternity will never get off the ground if you don’t know how to recruit. You have a huge advantage though – your fraternity will be able to sell something that not many other fraternities will be able to sell, the vision of creating a new fraternity from scratch. This initial recruitment will be the easiest recruitment your fraternity will ever have, but is imperative that you do it right because this will be the fraternity’s foundation.

And if you make it to this stage, you are almost assured success. You will have started a fraternity and have the pride in knowing that created something greater than yourself.

If you want to learn more, check out my book HOW TO JOIN A FRATERNITY.  It is available on and includes a special 13-page report on How to Start a Fraternity.  This will provide the details, tips, and tricks you need to know in order to start a fraternity.

How to Join a Fraternity

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