Increase your college GPATypically an article discussing how to increase your college gpa will detail everything but the most obvious solution.

Fortunately, this article will explain that solution and how you can boost your college GPA by almost 20%.

Since we will focus on the best solution – we will not discuss the following tips:

All these points are valid and will do wonders to improve your GPA. However, the most effective way to improve your GPA will not require you do change your study habits or who you study with. It will not really require much extra effort at all.

How to Increase your College GPA

What you need to do to increase your GPA is take more classes.

A typical college student takes 15 hours. By taking an extra class, that bumps it up to 18 hours.  This is very doable if that extra class is 100% fluff.


If your school allows a PE class grade to count towards your GPA, by all means you need to take a PE every semester. Be sure to take every fluff freshman class you can get your hands on.

If you do this each semester, 1/6 of your GPA will be based on these easy classes.

This will obviously have a profound impact on your GPA.

Don’t wait another semester to implement this strategy because you think next semester will be too hard. Every semester you wait will be a lost opportunity. And eventually, you’ll be staring at graduation and wishing that your GPA was a just a bit higher.

It could have been with a little planning.

Underwater basket-weaving – here we come!

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