How to Get a Fair Chance During Fraternity Rush

How to Get a Fair Chance During Fraternity Rush

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I am an Asian student at school in Texas. I am going to be a junior next year and I have decided to rush in the fall of 2011. I do not wish to rush my university’s multicultural Asian-interest fraternities but an “IFC” one instead.

I am intimidated at the idea of being one of the few Asians that is rushing at my very-predominately white, deep southern school. I already filled out a rushee form on what is considered a “top house” at my school but I have not received a response from them.

That being said my friend (who is white) also submitted a form and was contacted by the recruitment officer within the hour. Should I be worried that I would be considered a black sheep during rush and not be offered a bid due to my skin color?

I dress the same way as most students at my school, the (with all due respect to the northern LAX bros) southern “bro” look (polo, khaki shorts, and sperrys), and I get along with people just fine. I even did some research into the fraternities that I am hoping to get into and I see some Asian members in the chapters at universities in the metropolitan area.

But as I stated earlier, I go to a more “southern” school and I just feel that due to my race, I will not be given a fair chance and will be judged almost immediately.


I get this question in some form every-so-often. In your case, you are asking about not being accepted into a fraternity because you are Asian. It is very unfortunate that this type of ignorance exists anywhere, but especially on college campuses that pride themselves on being enlightened.

That being said, when you join a fraternity, you are joining a lifelong brotherhood. Do you really want to join a fraternity that discriminates? Will you feel good about yourself if you called these guys your best friends? I seriously doubt it.

You need to forget about those fraternities and find one where the members are of higher caliber and character.

My advice – be active in rush. Visit as many houses as you can. But you also have to change your mindset.

Right now it seems (from your short email) that you are trying to find the fraternity that will accept you. This is the wrong way to go about it. Have the mindset that you are looking for the fraternity where you fit in the best. Sure it is a two way street, but you are the one who ultimately decides if you want to join – not them.

And when you find the fraternity that is best for you, I promise that you will know it. The brothers will accept you for who you are; not because of where you came from. It is only under this condition will you be able to experience what fraternity is really all about. I know this for a fact, because I am part Asian myself.

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