Holding the Fraternity Accountable

holding fraternity brothers accountable

The flip side of empowering a brother to take ownership of his projects is to hold him accountable for the results. While that will work in business, a fraternity is not business and should never be confused as such. If the president takes it on himself to hold a brother accountable for not doing his job, then the president runs the risk of alienating that brother. No one wins in that situation.

To hold brothers accountable, the president needs to create a culture where the brothers hold themselves accountable. This is done by compiling the goals of the fraternity, and making sure everyone is on the same page with them. If each brother knows what is expected of him, and respects his role in the fraternity, then he will feel the obligation to do his job. The president will never be in the position to ride a guy for not meeting his obligation, the brotherhood should do that for him.

That is not to say that a president should never try to talk to a brother about his shortcomings. He should do so in a private manner as a friend. Telling a brother that you think that something is not working out like expected, but you are more than willing to help him out in getting in back on track, is always the right approach. Bringing up a brother’s failures in a fraternity meeting is not the time to do it. A president (and really any leader) should always coach in private, and compliment in public.

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